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New Partner for Civets! Wild Welfare

The Civet Project is excited to announce a new partnership with Wild Welfare- whose mission is to see a world where every captive wild animal is able to thrive!

With just over one month until the launch of the first ever World Civet Day, and the release of our upcoming documentary ‘Civet Coffee: From Rare to Reckless’, it is an exceptionally exciting time to announce new partnerships for protecting civets!

Dedicated to improving the lives of captive animals across the globe, Wild Welfare works with people and institutions not against them. In so doing, their dedicated team of animal welfare experts improve the lives of captive wild animals in zoos, sanctuaries and other captive facilities by shaping human attitudes and behaviours for positive change. Wild Welfare are strong in their mission to respect cultural differences but to not let these differences become excuses for poor animal welfare. Their global programs include zoo workshops, research, and an impressive portfolio of animal care resources in over 15 languages!

Both The Civet Project and Wild Welfare have shared values of a compassionate and empathetic approach to animal care based on scientific evidence. Having both advocated for increased awareness as to the role of tourism in impacting animal welfare across the world, this new partnership is something that both teams are very proud of and very excited about!

Discussing the significance of this new partnership, Jes Hooper (The Civet Project founder) explained:

“We are beyond excited about this new collaboration with Wild Welfare. Civets have been largely absent from mainstream media and NGO focus and so having the support of such an experienced animal welfare organisation is going to help raise the profile of this species immensely. People just don’t know about the threats that civets face or how they can help them. That’s about to change, for the better!”

What we will be partnering on

Civet Coffee: From Rare to Reckless

The first partnership projects that Wild Welfare and The Civet Project will be working on will include the distribution of our upcoming documentary which explores the rising trend in civet coffee tourism in Vietnam and its animal welfare, conservation and human health implications.

Known as the world's most expensive coffee, civet coffee is produced through the civets digestive tract. Although it traditionally involved the collecting of wild civet scat, a very rare find, its explosion onto the international consumer and tourism market in the early 2000’s has led to civet coffee being produced on a commercial scale throughout southeast Asia. 

What does this mean? It means the capture, caging, and force feeding of civets throughout their natural range. Civet coffee farming is known to have significant animal welfare impacts for the civets involved, yet there is little known about the additional and far reaching impacts of civet coffee on sustainability, conservation, and environmental health. This is why we set out to investigate the full picture through our upcoming documentary film. 

Featuring interviews with leading conservation figures including Jane Goodall and the NGOs working tirelessly to protect civets in their natural habitats, this film reveals the sobering truth behind civet coffee whilst showing where there is hope for the future.

Our film will be distributed FREE to universities, colleges, and zoos across the world- our aim is to reach as wide an audience as possible. Only by coming together can we protect civets, people and the planet! 

World Civet Day

For the first time ever, we are instigating a global day of civet celebration! World Civet Day will take place on 4th April, the anniversary of the Owston’s civet conservation action plan establishment.

World Civet Day will bring together people from around the world to celebrate the wonders of civets whilst raising awareness of the threats that they face. 

Already supported by over 50 global organisations, World Civet Day is a call to action, a collective effort to show the importance of being a civet champion!

How you can get involved:

Host a documentary screening

If you have a venue that can host a documentary screening then we want to hear from you! Email with your name, organisation, location and audience capacity.

We will work with you to help organise your screening event which includes a Q&A session with our filming team.

Take part in World Civet Day

Request your FREE education pack and social media pack from our website. Our resources include infographics and flyers on Viverrid species, family fun games and activities, posters, stickers, badges, and more! 

Fundraise for civets

Why not hold a community fundraising event this World Civet Day? Sponsored walks, fun runs, skydives…if you want to fundraise for us then simply select The Civet Project Foundation on GoFundMe 


Our new and small charity, established in December 2023, is in its infancy. Every donation we receive is put to excellent use to fund our civet research and outreach projects across the globe.

Just like civets, we are small but mighty and deserve the support of people like you! You can make a difference by donating online today.

Share your support online!

Want to add your voice to our call to Just Say No to Cat-Poo-Chino? Simply download, print, and pose!

Pose with our poster, share your selfie on your social media and tag our account @CivetProject with the hashtag #NoCatPooChino

You can save and print our poster by clicking the image below:


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