Embodied Perspectives

Collaborative research project between The Civet Project and Finnish art duo Harrie Liveart.

As part of a three year collaboration between the arts and humanities, Embodied Perspectives is story telling from the eyes of the Other through a bodily trans-species exploration of kopi luwak and fecal commodification.

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Stories of Survival

A multi-sited research initiative exploring the conservation of Viverrids 

Forming part of a 5 year Anthrozoological investigation, the 'Stories of Survival' research initiative tells the stories of those whose lives are shaped and connected through a shared experience of species conservation, through collaboration with NGO's, conservation organization and environmental biologists.  


With the aim to further knowledge into species specific behaviour and human-animal relations at the edge of extinction, this project takes an intimate approach to conservation through the concept of disappearance.

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Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism

Academic partnership between The Civet Project and Fanimal advocating for animals within the tourism industry through research activities.

Emerging Voices acts as a critical lens through which to advocate for animals, with particular focus on the plight of animals within the tourism industry. The project thus far consists of a virtual conference, collaborative research partnership opportunities, and a book proposal.