Embodied Perspectives

Collaborative research project between The Civet Project and Finnish art duo Harrie Liveart.

As part of a three year collaboration between the arts and humanities, Embodied Perspectives is story telling from the eyes of the Other through a bodily trans-species exploration of kopi luwak and fecal commodification.


The CIVET in Zoos Campaign 

Independent research initiative to Collect Information on Viverrids for Education and Training in Zoos.

Forming part of a 5 year investigation, the CIVET in Zoos Campaign is an independent research initiative to assess and assist with the ex-situ management of Viverrids in zoos for continued species survival. 

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Animals in Tourism

Academic partnership between The Civet Project and Fanimal investigating the role of animal advocacy within the tourism industry.

As part of an ongoing research collaboration, the Animals in Tourism project acts as a critical lens through which to advocate for animals, with particular focus on the plight of animals within the tourism industry.

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