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The Civet Project

The Civet Project is a research initiative dedicated to Viverrid species.

The Civet Project is a non-profit whose mission is to protect the intrinsic interests of civets (Viverrid sp.). Through the dissemination of civet research to lay and academic audiences, the Civet Project promotes ethical human-civet relationships and inspires empathy for lesser-known species including those of minimal conservation concern.

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An ancient line of Feliformia, Viverrids are poorly understood animals despite having lived along side humans for millenia.

What are civets? What do we know about them, and how are their lives entangled with ours?

Here, we explore the hidden lives of a secretive and illusive family of small carnivores.

Coming Soon
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Jes Hooper, founder

Anthrozoologist, Founder of the Civet Project, member of the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group and civet enthusiast.

Here, you can learn the story behind the creation of the Civet Project, and what other anthrozoological research initiatives Jes is part of.

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