Guest Blogs

01.04.2021: Exeter's Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group: Staying Grounded with Coffee Beans: Conducting Multi-Sited and Multi-Species Research in a Global Pandemic.

29.03.2021: Fanimal: Part 1 of the Special Edition Civet Series

10.04.2021: Fanimal: Part 2 of the Special Edition Civet Series: Kopi luwak tourism 

23.02.2021: The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ): Musings of an Early Career Anthrozoologist: Becoming With our Study Animals


24-25.06.2021: EACAS 'Appraising Critical Animal Studies' : Presentation: Saving Animals or Saving Face? An Analysis of Animal Rights and Tourism Industry Partnerships in Promoting Ethical Animal Tourism- (Hooper and Kline, 2021).

22-24.06.2021: 30th International Society for Anthrozoology Conference : Presentation: Portrayals of Animals in Covid-19 News Media- (Hooper, Aiello and Hill, 2021)

04-05.03.2021: Anthrozoology as International Practice 'Emergent Voices' : Conference Co-Organizer. Workshop Chair: Beyond the Degree: Progression Opportunities in Anthrozoology. 

26-27.11.2020: EACAS: 'Multispecies Heritage': How to Become: Embodied Perspective of Animal Commodification - (Harrie Liveart and Hooper, 2021)

19.05.2020: Association of Colleges 'Research and Scholarship Conference': Presentation: Civets, Coffee, Pets and Poop -(Hooper, 2020).