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Civet coffee cruelty

Civet Coffee Documentary

What is the true impact of civet coffee? Our film uncovers the cost beyond the coffee bean.

world civet day 2024 Facebook Cover (Instagram Post).png

World Civet Day!

A global day of civet celebration!

Embodied Perspective by Harrie Liveart and Jes Hooper

Human Coffee

Is civet coffee really unique? We test the science behind the industries claims in an art-science research initiative.


Civet Survival Stories

Whilst not many people know of civets, they are disappearing regardless. Here, we take a multi-sited and storied approach to understand Viverrid conservation.

Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism

Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism

Academic partnership between The Civet Project and Fanimal advocating for animals within the tourism industry through research activities.

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