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Civet coffee cruelty

Civet Selfies

A documentary project that explores the animal welfare and conservation impacts of civet coffee

This documentary will film, for the first time, the impact of civet coffee on Vietnam’s wildlife through first hand footage of civet coffee tourism, civet rescue and rehabilitation, and interviews with conservationists and animal welfare experts working on the ground to deal with the fall-out from the civet coffee industry.

Embodied Perspective by Harrie Liveart and Jes Hooper

Human Coffee

Collaborative research project between The Civet Project and Finnish art duo Harrie Liveart.

As part of a three year collaboration between the arts and humanities, Human Coffee  is an embodied perspective of bodily and faecal commodification. 

This project is a challenge to the civet coffee industry and is funded by the Kone Foundation.


Civet Survival Stories

A multi-sited research initiative exploring the conservation of Viverrids 

Forming part of a 5 year Anthrozoological investigation, Civet Survival Stories' tells the stories of those whose lives are shaped and connected through a shared experience of species conservation, through collaboration with NGO's, conservation organization and environmental biologists.  


With the aim to further knowledge into species specific behaviour and human-animal relations at the edge of extinction, this project takes an intimate approach to conservation through the concept of disappearance.

Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism

Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism

Academic partnership between The Civet Project and Fanimal advocating for animals within the tourism industry through research activities.

Emerging Voices acts as a critical lens through which to advocate for animals, with particular focus on the plight of animals within the tourism industry. The project thus far consists of a virtual conference, collaborative research partnership opportunities, and a book proposal.

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