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The Civet Project Clothing

Sustainable clothing supporting research into civet welfare and conservation.

The Civet Project clothing line not only helps to fund research into civet welfare and conservation, but each product is specifically designed to promote awareness of what are currently some of the least studied of all carnivorous mammals on planet Earth.


We hope that Civet Project clothing designs inspire conversions with those around you about the importance of animal advocacy and conservation

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Make a one off donation to support our research and outreach activities

Support civets with a one off or repeat donation, you decide how much and we'll be forever grateful!

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Collaborate with us

Register your interest with us to get involved.

We believe that transdisciplinary praxis is key for making a positive difference for animals. The Civet Project is therefore keen to hear from  researchers, scientists, artists, and animal advocates from a variety of different institutions and backgrounds. 

If you have a research, project or media enquiry, please contact us.

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