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The AfA Podcast

What are civets and why should we care?

In this special episode for the inaugural World Civet Day, Jes speaks to the Asia for Animals Coalition about the wonders of civets and why we should be protecting them. 

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The Animal Turn

Animals in Tourism with Jes Hooper and Dr Carol Kline

In this bonus episode, host Claudia Hirtenfelder speaks to Jes and Carol about animals in tourism. In particular, they discuss the upcoming 'Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism' 2023 conference and the need for greater attention to be paid to ways animals are impacted by touristic practice.


Knowing Animals

Civet coffee with Jes Hooper

In this episode, host Josh Milburn speaks to Jes about civets! In particular, they discuss Jes’s paper ‘Cat-Poo-Chino and Captive Wildlife: Tourist Perceptions of Balinese Kopi Luwak Agrotourism’, which was published open access in the journal Society & Animals in 2022, as well as her developing research on human-civet interaction via the Civet Project research initiative.

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The Deal with Animals

Civet Lover Clubs with Jes Hooper

What the heck is a civet and why do people love them?! Find out on this episode, the first in series 4 of the Deal with Animals- all about wildlife encounters! 

Anthrozoology podcast

The Anthrozoology Podcast

Episodes 9 and 10- Aadita's ethical anthrozoological adventures.

For Anthrozoologists, research involves both human and animal as active participants and actors within ethnographic investigation. Concerned with the ethical implications of research beyond the human species, Anthrozoologists are often faced with navigating how to protect both human and non-human informants, and when to speak for animals. Here, Jes speaks with postcast hosts Sarah, Kris and Michelle about the research ethics processes.   


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