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Asian palm civet in the wild

Our Mission

The Civet Project Foundation's mission is to promote the conservation and welfare of species within the Viverridae family, a highly enigmatic yet ancient family of carnivores. 

What We Do

Our objectives are to enhance current knowledge of Viverrid species, and to promote their protection. To do so, we conduct innovative research, deliver educational outreach activities, and support pre-existing in-situ and ex-situ organisations working towards Viverrid protection goals.  

The Covet Project Research


We conduct original research into civet species. We take a transdisciplinary approach to understand motivations and drivers towards actions that threaten civet protection.

The Civet Project Outreach


We bring civet education into schools, universities, zoos and charitable events. Through educational outreach we promote sustainable pro-conservation and pro-welfare behaviour.

Owston's civet image


Our work supports

in-situ and ex-situ civet conservation and welfare. Our partners are active participants in global conservation and animal welfare movements.

Project Highlight

Asian palm civet in civet coffee farm cage_edited_edited.jpg

Civet Selfies: A Documentary

Our latest project is a documentary film exploring the truth behind the growing civet coffee industry.

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