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Peer Reviewed Publications

Hooper, J. (2023) Fill Your Cup: A Multi-Species Exploration of Balinese Kopi Luwak Agrotourism. In: Tourism, Heritage and Commodification of Non-human Animals: A Posthumanist Reflection. Eds: López-López, Á., Jafet Quintero Venegas, G., and Kline, C. CABI: 

Hooper, J. (2023) Thinking with Civets: The Role of Zoos in the Decolonisation of Animal Tourism. Animals. 13 (11): 

ooper, J., Linna, M., Kassinen, S., and Salvage, J. (2022) Technologies, Bodies and Faecal Matters: Embodied Empathy with Coffee Producing Civets. Transpositiones. Journal for Transdisciplinary and Intermedial Culture Studies. 1 (2), 73-93: 


Hooper, J. (2022) Cat-Poo-Chino and Captive Wildlife: Tourist Perceptions of Balinese Kopi Luwak Agrotourism. Society and Animals. Pre-Print: 

Szydlowski, M, Hill, K. Oxley Heaney, S. and Hooper, J. (2022). Domestication and Domination: Human Language as a Tool for Controlling Animal Bodies. TRACE: Jo
urnal for Human-Animal Studies. 8 (1):

Oxley Heaney, S., Hill, k., Szydlowski, M., Hooper, J. and Aiello, T (2022). Members Only? A Posthuman View of Otherthanhuman-Animal Immigrants Across Human-Defined Borders. TRACE: Journal for Human-Animal Studies. 8 (1):

Hooper, J. (2022) Contamination: The Case of Civets, Companionship, COVID and SARS. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. 25 (2), 167-179:


Hooper, J., Aiello, T. and Hill, K., (2021) Portrayals of Animals during COVID-19 News Media. Anthrozoös. 35 (2), 237-257:


Conference Presentations

Hooper, J. (2023) Civet Survival Stories: Narratives from Inside an Endangered Captive Breeding Program. Multi-Species Conference, Würzburg University, Germany.

Hooper, J. (2023) At the "Dull Edge" of Extinction: Lively Stories from Inside the Owston's Civet (Chrotogale owstoni) Captive Breeding Program. EASE Residential. The University of Exeter.

Hooper, J. (2022) The Human Coffee Room: Where Art Meets Science. Environmental Humanities Month. The University of Helsinki.


Hooper, J. (2022) Reading Between the Lines: The Lives and Deaths of Individual Civets Enrolled in an Ex-Situ Breeding Program. Reframing Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics. EASE Annual Conference.

Hooper, J. (2022) Keynote Speech: Animal Vehicles of Consumption. EVAT Conference.  

Hooper, J. (2021) Through the Looking Glass: Viewing Human-Civet Encounters as a Lens through which to Challenge Anthropocentric Futures. ‘Flourishing’, AASA Annual Conference. 

Hooper, J. & Kline, C. (2021) Saving Animals or Saving Face: An Analysis of Animal Rights and Tourism Industry Partnerships in Promoting Ethical Animal Tourism. Appraising Critical Animal Studies. EACAS.


Hooper, J. (2021) Cat-Poo-Chino: For the Love (and Labour) of Coffee. Witnessing and Worlding Beyond the Human: Interdisciplinary and Interspecies Conversations', Human-Animal Studies Illinois Initiative.


Hooper, J. (2021) Love and Loss in the Emergent ‘Civet Lovers’ Community. ‘Loss’, British Animal Studies Network.

Hooper, J., Aiello, T, & Hill, K (2021) Portrayals of Animals in COVID-19 News Media. ISAZ Annual Conference.

Hill, K.., Aiello, T., & Hooper, J. (2021) Conference Organizers, and Workshop hosts: Beyond the Degree: Progressions Opportunities in Anthrozoology, Anthrozoology as International Practice (AIP) 

Hooper, J., Harrie Liveart (2020) How to Become: Embodied Perspectives of Animal Commodification. Multispecies Heritage and Story Telling, EACAS. 

Podcast Features

The Animal Turn

Bonus Episode: Animals in Tourism with Carol Kline and Jes Hooper

Knowing Animals:

Episode 204: Civet Coffee with Jes Hooper  

The Deal with Animals: 

Episode 17: The Civet Lovers Clubs with PhD Candidate Jes Hooper  

The Anthrozoology Podcast:

Episode 5: Animals as Immigrants


Animal movement across the globe and boundaries happens within contested spaces leaving animals wanted, unwanted, forced, coerced or in liminal landscapes of uncertainty: 

Episodes 9 & 10: Aadita's Anthrozoological Adventures 

A two-part episode that builds upon a workshop hosted at the Research Ethics Conference 2021 (REC2021).  : 

Guest Writing 

25.02.2022: NOCIVETCOFFEE campaign by Save Vietnam's Wildlife: The Truth Behind Civet Coffee.

01.04.2021: Exeter's Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group: Staying Grounded with Coffee Beans: Conducting Multi-Sited and Multi-Species Research in a Global Pandemic.

29.03.2021: Fanimal: Part 1 of the Special Edition Civet Series

10.04.2021: Fanimal: Part 2: Kopi luwak tourism 

14.05.2021: Fanimal: Part 3: The civet pet trade

20.06.2021: Fanimal: Part 4: The Owston's civet

23.02.2021: The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ): Musings of an Early Career Anthrozoologist: Becoming With our Study Animals

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