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Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism


While the study of animal-human connectivity within the context of tourism has been explored in a greater diversity of ways within the last decade, the discourse is still divided within two camps: 1) traditional tourism academia and 2) outside disciplines “looking in.” Tourism academics have borrowed philosophical, ethical, gender studies, sociological, ecological conservation, and economic lenses to explore animals in tourism, however truly transdisciplinary approaches within and external to tourism proper remains few.

An interdisciplinary collaboration between The Civet Project and Fanimal, Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism merges research from anthrozoological and multi-species scholarship, with critical tourism studies and animal ethics to bring together researchers across disciplines with an interest in advocating for animals in touristic contexts. 

Through scholarly research, collective problem solving, and ethical enquiry, we strengthen the bridge between "tourism academia" and "non-tourism academia". Specifically, we highlight fresh perspectives, emerging methodologies and innovative collaborative praxis to explore the role of animals in tourism whilst critically working towards more ethical human-animal interactions within the tourism and leisure space.

The brain child of Anthrozoologist Jes Hooper, and Tourism Professor Carol Kline, Emerging Voices is in the first year of emergence and already new voices are flourishing. The project has so far culminated in an inaugural international conference, an ongoing online network for peer support and sharing of collaborative research opportunities, and a book volume of the same name is also in the developmental stages.




Jes Hooper

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Jes is founder of the Civet Project, a member of the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group, and a Anthrozoology PhD Candidate at the University Exeter.


Dr Carol Kline

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Dr Carol Kline is founder of Fanimal, a widely published scholar, and Professor in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Appalachian State University.

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Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism Virtual Conference 2023

Building upon the successes of this year's inaugural event, it is with great pleasure that we call for contributors to the second Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism conference (8th-10th March 2023).

From beasts of burden to photographic props and entertainers, to airport service animals and wild animals in ecotourism, the ways in which animals are entangled in tourism are varied and the impact of these relationships upon humans and other animals are complex. While the study of animal-human connectivity within the context of tourism is being explored in a greater diversity of ways within the last decade, truly transdisciplinary approaches within and external to tourism proper remains few. The aim of this conference is to strengthen the bridge between “tourism academia” and “non-tourism academia” by highlighting and celebrating fresh perspectives within and external to tourism, and those who bridge the two.


It is our vision that the Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism Conference 2023 will facilitate our vibrant transdisciplinary community to continue to grow. We offer a supportive space for the development of transdisciplinary scholarship and effective advocacy for the millions of animals worldwide who are enrolled within varying contexts within the tourism industry. 

As such, we invite 15-minute papers (to be presented live via zoom) which explore the experiences of animals who appear in the following tourism contexts:

  • food tourism

  • art

  • passive entertainment

  • active entertainment

  • transportation and recreation

  • educational tourism

  • sport and racing

  • animals as photo props

  • liminal animals at tourist sites

  • companion animal travel

  • service animals in travel and tourism industries

  • volunteer tourism (sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and zoos)

We are particularly interested in highlighting emergent transdisciplinary methodologies including, but not limited to: multi-species, multi-sited, and virtual ethnographies, embodied empathy, and works which blend theoretical and applied approaches from the biological and social sciences with those of the arts and animal advocacy. We thus open up our call to those outside of academia such as those working to assist animals in tourism through art, literature, law, and animal rescue. 

Overall, it is our aim that our conference will be grounded in progressive and innovative praxis where ongoing collaborations can be formed through the sharing of emergent voices in academia, advocacy, and industry. To accommodate under-represented voices, we particularly encourage early career academics and participants from developing nations to apply.

Enquiries can be addressed to Jes Hooper and Carol Kline by email:, with the subject title “EVAT 2023 conference query”.

Deadline: 31st October 2022

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Call for Papers