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New Partner! ABConservation

Seven of the ABConservation team smile at the camera posing by a branded sign
The ABConservation team! (Photo credit: ABConservation)

ABConservation, the world's leading NGO for binturong, has partnered with The Civet Project for the first ever World Civet Day.

Founded in 2014 by Pauline Kayser, ABConservation stands as a pioneering force in the realm of binturong preservation, colloquially known as the bearcat. This distinguished non-governmental organization (NGO) marks a significant milestone in conservation efforts, driven by a steadfast commitment to safeguarding biodiversity and fostering environmental consciousness.

In 2016, the pivotal collaboration between Pauline Kayser and Agathe Dubruille culminated in a transformative expedition to the Philippines, specifically Palawan Island. It was there that the groundwork for the Bearcat Study Program was laid, a groundbreaking endeavor dedicated to the comprehensive research and observation of the elusive binturong in its natural habitat.

Speaking about the importance of this new partnership with ABConsevation, The Civet Project founder Jes Hooper explained:

“It is a very exciting opportunity for The Civet Project Foundation to partner with ABConservation whose track record for binturong conservation is second to none. Our own research has shown that binturong are readily caught up in the civet trades we are already tackling and so we are keen to work closely with ABConservation to address these issues in the most effective way possible.”

Presently, ABConservation operates from dual headquarters situated in France and the Philippines, strategically positioned to facilitate global outreach and collaboration. The organization's multifaceted approach revolves around three core programs, each meticulously designed to effectuate tangible advancements in conservation practices:

  • Scientific Research: At the core of ABConservation's initiatives lies the Bearcat Study Program, which demonstrates the organization's unwavering dedication to empirical inquiry. Through meticulous observation and tracking, researchers strive to unravel the intricacies of binturong ecology, providing invaluable and crucial insights for informed conservation strategies.

  • PWRCC Rehabilitation: ABConservation is firmly committed to enhancing the Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Centre (PWRCC), commonly known as the Crocodile Farm. Through an ambitious renovation initiative and strategic partnerships, ABConservation is working to optimise the living conditions of the centre's inhabitants to ensure their well-being and longevity.

  • Awareness and education: Through its "From Awareness to Action for Nature Conservation" programme, ABConservation strives to raise environmental awareness and catalyse proactive engagement in conservation efforts. Using effective communication strategies, the organisation aims to instil a deep sense of environmental stewardship. In addition, ABConservation's educational interventions extend to France, with a particular focus on zoos, where efforts are directed towards educating professionals and the general public. In particular, the introduction of World Binturong Day is a major event for raising awareness and celebrating the unique biodiversity of these captivating creatures.

In short, ABConservation plays a vital role in saving binturong and their habitat in the Philippines, while helping to raise environmental awareness on a global scale. 

Camera traps being set in the canopy (left) and a baby binturong being caught on camera (right)
Camera trap surveying by ABConservation (Photo credit: ABConservation)

Celebrating World Civet Day on the 4th April 2024 with The Civet Project Foundation will not only contribute to these global awareness efforts, but it will showcase binturong as part of the diverse and important family of Viverrids to which they and other civet species belong. As explained by Ameline Roger, ABConservation Project Manager:

“I'm very happy to collaborate with The Civet Project Foundation and to celebrate the first-ever World Civet Day with them. I'm convinced that this partnership will strengthen the actions in favor of the conservation of the binturong and other viverrid species here in Palawan and beyond. Together, we'll be able to have a greater impact on governments and the public.”

Through its unwavering dedication and pioneering initiatives, ABConservation is inspiring hope and catalysing positive change for the future of our planet. It is a great honour to have their support for World Civet Day and The Civet Project Foundation.

Binturong in a tree
Binturong (photo credit: ABConservation)

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