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Become an Intern for The Civet Project!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of our new internship program, kindly supported by the non-profit Fanimal - whose mission is to provide a space for personal and professional development in a variety of animal and environmental related fields. Fanimal fosters community, facilitate discovery, and accelerate career building for people who love animals, aiming to multiply the positive impact for animals by focusing on the development of animal allies, academics, advocates, and activists.

Current Opening:

We have an exciting opportunity to support two interns in a placement with Fanimal and The Civet Project, a small non-profit dedicated to research and outreach for civets and related small carnivores. The Civet Project’s primary campaign focus is the welfare and conservation impacts of civet coffee production and tourism, though all threats to civet species are within the scope of their operations.

Fanimal and The Civet Project have a variety of collaborative projects in progress including a documentary film production, field-research, and a series of upcoming online and in person events including the launch of the first ever ‘World Civet Day’ in April 2024.

A common palm civet adult walks along a tree branch
Common palm civets are amongst the most widely traded civet species and their numbers are declining. Still, common palm civets are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN. We conduct research to assess the threats that civets face.

We are looking for two interns to join our team to assist in the following activities:

  • Social media and communications activities. Our interns will:

    • Help grow our supporter network and campaign reach by designing and scheduling highly engaging social media content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter/X

    • Assist in the design and production of a monthly e-newsletter to bring the latest news and updates directly to our supporters

    • Create innovative, attention-grabbing, and upbeat image and video based campaigns, ensuring all content is accessible and inclusive to diverse audiences

    • Monitor social media engagement and reach, and make informed recommendations on how best to develop our social media strategy

  • Research assistance. Our interns will:

    • Attend online research meetings and contribute to discussions concerning the development of field research projects including methodological design and logistics

    • Take on individual research tasks based on the needs of specific projects. These could include activities such as researching and identifying locations, facilities and resources of interest

    • Assist with administrative tasks such as: drafting template emails, liaising with partner organizations, scheduling meetings, proof-reading documents, and taking minutes

An infant civet huddled at the bottom of a wire cage in a civet coffee tourism facility
We campaign to save civets from the cruel civet coffee industry

Why volunteer?

This is, unfortunately, an unpaid internship but as an intern you will gain:

  • Valuable experience in the management of a small non-profit organization

  • Hands on opportunities to develop key organizational, communication, research, and technological skills

  • Ample opportunities to voice your ideas for research projects and campaigns

  • Basic training in virtual communication and project planning platforms including Canva, Mail Chimp, Trello, Google suite, and Buffer

  • Credits for your university program (if applicable)

  • A letter of reference

  • A profile feature on our website showcasing your interests, skills, and role within the organisation

We also highly encourage our interns to highlight their voluntary contribution to The Civet Project and Fanimal on LinkedIn and their other social networks.

It is expected that there will be frequent opportunities to network with academics and industry professionals throughout the internship duration. Thus, this internship would best suit current students looking to enter into the animal/environmental field.

The Civet Project staff and students pose together after a lecture seminar on civet coffee's conservation impacts
We engage students to support the next generation of conservationists and animal welfare experts whilst advocating for greater civet protection

About you:

The ideal candidate will have an interest in animal ethics, wildlife conservation, animal advocacy, sustainability, ethical tourism, and educational outreach.

Applicants should be enrolled in a relevant university program, for which they will be compensated the required academic credits. The internship hours will be assigned in conjunction with the university’s requirements.

Applicants ought to be computer literate and be comfortable using Zoom, Google doc/sheets, and have personal-use experience with social media. An interest in programs such as Buffer, Mail Chimp, and Canva is desirable, though full training will be provided.

Overall, it is an exciting time to join our small team as we build a bigger brighter future for wildlife and grow international appreciation for civets, which have received little recognition in the research and advocacy space… until now!

How To Apply:

This is an open call without a given deadline. We encourage students to apply and let us know when they are required to start their voluntary placement. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to: and

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